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We focus on natural wines from the best regions. All our wines are on display, making it easy for you to choose, or our sommelier can assist you with a recommendation.


With our wine, we offer a board with premium cheeses, cured meats, and fresh bread. For delicacy lovers, we recommend duck mousse with cranberries.


Our wine bar isn't just about great wines; we've got this cool "instafriendly" vibe going on with an interior you won't see anywhere else. It's all set up for that perfect snap and a chill wine bar atmosphere.

Wine bar 0,75 [Sedmicka]

Welcome to 0,75 [Sedmicka], our unique wine bar, where a passion for natural wines meets an unforgettable atmosphere. Wine bar is located in Holešovice, a part of Prague known for its creative spirit, we offer not only exceptional evenings but also headache-free mornings thanks to our carefully selected natural wines with lower sulfite content.

Our wine bar is a place where every wine lover feels at home. At 0,75 [Sedmicka], we introduce you to wines with a story, made with minimal intervention and the utmost respect for nature. Although you won't find a hot kitchen here, our cold kitchen offers perfect gastronomic accompaniments to your wine experience, from a rich selection of cheeses and smoked meats to delicious duck pâté.

The interior of our wine bar is open daily from 4:00 PM to midnight and is designed to underline the uniqueness of each sitting. Modern minimalism is combined with historical elements, creating an environment where every detail is part of a larger story. And for those who love to share their experiences on social networks, our wine bar offers countless photogenic corners.

Wine bar 0,75 [Sedmicka] is also the ideal place for hosting private events, from parties to corporate meetings, with a capacity of 10 to 50 people. We offer complete service and technical facilities, as well as a wide selection of delicacies for every occasion.

Come and discover with us a world where wine becomes an experience and every visit tells a story. 0,75 [Sedmička] is more than a wine bar; it is a destination for those seeking the magic and charm of an evening full of wines and stories. Visit our wine bar and let yourself be carried away by an atmosphere as unique as the wines we serve.

Wine Bar Prague 0,75 [Sedmicka]

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